It can not be denied that sales of stone washbasins or stone bathtubs are increasing year after year. This is due not only to the increasing environmental awareness of customers, but also to the desire for change. Therefore, certainly after reading this article, the thinking of many readers may change a lot.


Stone sinks & Stone bathtubs. Quality and precision at your fingertips.

The article was created in cooperation with Lux4home.
An air of freshness, originality, durability and elegance – all this characterizes the stone washbasins. With an interesting design is also combined with durability and resistance to damage, as you have to try really hard to even scratch the product, let alone break it. In addition, the fact that each of the washbasins and bathtubs is resistant to moisture also becomes important, which will certainly be taken into account by more than one interested party.

So it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing to buy these sinks. Their incredible elegance and reliability, as well as the raw material from which they are made, make their touch like communing with nature for many customers. A sizable group of buyers install the products not only in bathrooms, but also in bedrooms or even on terraces. What is more, after using stone basins & stone bathtubs for a long time, their owners can not imagine buying a product made of any other material than stone again. Getting used to a natural product is becoming the norm and customer satisfaction is gigantic.

Probably a lot of people will be surprised that stone sinks or bathtubs are not cold. Everything is determined by the laws of physics. Stone inserted into the interior takes on the temperature inside it. Similarly, in the case of bathtubs, the water poured into the tub does not cool down as quickly as in the case of bathtubs made of conglomerate or ceramic, and the user can enjoy a bath in very pleasant conditions for longer. Hence, buying a stone basin is an ideal solution, and this product will certainly serve its user for many years.

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